North Korea admits starvation

North Korea apparently has admitted that starvation is a problem in parts of their country. An internal document from the Chosun Workers Party published mid-march describes problems such as starvation by famers.


That is very interesting and really rare news. In public North Korea only spoke in superlatives about their country. In his first public speech in april 2012 Kim Jung Un mentioned that he praised the “military first” doctrine and said the time his nation could be threatened was “forever over”.

Nuclear nation

Another very recent example of North Korea’s interesting stand is that last week it proclaimed itself a nuclear state. To make sure the world would know how serious this is, North Korea even added it to their updated constitution. It seems to be a message for the US, Japan and South Korea.

Food shortages

But apparently, in an  internal document of the Chosun Workers Party from March, the North Korea leadership has acknowledged that people suffer from food shortages. AThe document said that ‘South Hwanghae Province has been in difficulties due to flooding, and the number of families suffering a lack of food has been growing, even among farming households. Farming households have been suffering to guarantee military rice.’

Japanese newspaper

The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun published an article today, citing a North Korean trader, who talks about this an internal document from the Chosun Workers’ Party in March.

Military first

With this document, the North Korea leadership reveil that they are aware that their ‘military first’ policy has serious consequences for the North Korean people. Eventhough Kim Jung Un knows his people are suffering from food shortages because of their miltary policy, he makes it very clear he is not about to change this.

Third nuclear test

Last weeks more activity has been seen on North Korea’s nuclear site. The well-known defense organization, IHS Jane’s, also said it detected signs of activities ramping up at North Korea’s nuclear test site, raising speculation that North Korea may be preparing for their third nuclear test. North Korea’s last test was in 2006.

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