How can you help?

Also a little bit of help can make a huge difference!

Share your qualities!

Even with a little bit of your time, you can help the battle against human rights abuses. We believe people are most effective when they do what they are good at, so just share your professional qualities with Human Rights Media and be part of a better world. Make a difference with your digital/ online qualities, your communication qualities, your professional network, your fundraising qualities or your creative online or media qualities.

Can you do a fundraising at your work or at your school, can you help with making training material interactive online, do you have any suggestions for our website or work, or do you have any other creative thoughts you want to share with us? Please contact us.

Be a Robin Hood!

No time to share, but you want to help fighting human rights abuses? Be a Robin Hood, by donating financial help. Only with funding we can make the world see what is happening in areas with human rights abuses. Help us to support human rights groups not to be silenced!

Want to share your qualities or be a Robin Hood? Please contact us at

We will get back to you on a short notice.

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