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Our Human Rights Media team works on peace. We believe in the strength of media and education to put an end to human rights abuses. We also believe sincerity and effectiveness.  That is why 100% of your donation goes to the project. Small donations, big change.

Our synergy

Innovative, Creating Opportunities, Effective, Realistic, Critical thinking, Strategic, Dare to be different, Laughter, Respect and  … Peace is not a dream, it’s you!

photo Klaartje Kosters JongBoard member – chair

In 1998 Klaartje Kosters-Jong worked as a freelance journalist in China, right at the border of North-Korea. She interviewed many North-Korean refugees, who just fled their country the days before.  While writing their horrific stories about their lives in North-Korea, she wished these refugees have had the opportunity to film their situation. As video is a much stronger tool in showing the impact of human rights abuses. This is how Human Rights Media began.

Following, as a TV journalist Klaartje worked for 5 years for the news program NOVA, re-named to Nieuwsuur, broadcasted daily on Dutch national television. In 2003 she took the Human Rights Media turn. She moved to Thailand, right at the border of Burma. She joined the human rights group Burma Issues, where she worked as project manager of their Media Project. While giving training on video, digital editing and international campaigning to a Burmese team, together they produced strong videos on human rights abuses on ethnic minorities in East Burma. Their video Always on the Run was screened by Peter Gabriel in the US Senate in 2006. Currently Klaartje works as freelance journalist at Tekst en Media Matters in The Netherlands and is founder and chair of Human Rights Media .

At Human Rights Media Klaartje empowers people to raise their voices and supports growth in their communities, with a positive, determined and strategic mindset.

Board Member – secretary

Barber Nagel works as freelance Children Coach, reminding children of their strengths, talents and inner beauty. After working for years as occupational therapist, Barbers passion to help children regaining their power, encouraged her to take this step.

At Human Rights Media Barber is dedicated to help children and their parents in East Burma towards a better life, by building on their own strengths.

Board Member – treasurer

foto(1)Jacobien Muller is a target and result driven ICT manager, who worked as volunteer at Burma Issues in 2004. Ever since she has been involved in peace building in Burma. She also worked in Nepal and traveled all over the world.

At Human Rights Media Jacobien puts critical & strategic thinking together with peace building, for long lasting changes in East Burma.

About Human Rights Media

Human Rights Media is a non profit organization, with an honorary board. All our activities are contributing to our mission; the protection and advancement of human rights, peace and freedom of the most unprivileged people and improvement of their living conditions. All our financial resources are directly aimed at achieving our mission.




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