The Rohingya need camera’s!

The Rohingya people in Burma urgently need your help! They face severe violence against them, which is about to explode. The Rohingya desperately need food, water and protection. But in this tense situation, they also need camera’s, to raise their voices! You can help!

Organized violence

The Rohingya are a Muslim minority in west Burma, who are branded as illegal immigrants. The Burma government actively organizes violence against them, also from within the local community. Houses are burned, Rohingya people are arbitrarly killed, Rohingya women are raped. The local Burma Security Forces (NaSaKa) seems to be arming the local community and keep silent about the perpetraitors of this ongoing violence.


Many Rohingya have fled the violence, to crowded refugee camps or to cramped boats to sea. Even in the refugee camps they are far from safe. There is hardly enough food, sanitation, clean drinking water or health care in the camps. Children are starving.

Tension rises

In June and October 2012, there were violent outbreaks against the Rohingya, burning their homes, killing many. This is likely to happen again, as tension against Muslim spreads Burma at this very moment. Yesterday, 5 Muslims were killed in central Burma.

Give them a voice!

The Rohingya are painfully poor. They cannot raise their voices. But we can! By providing them with video camera’s, so they can let the world see the shocking violence against them. Can your company help with providing video camera’s? Please let us know as soon as possible!

The Rohingya need you!

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